Now You Can Touch People’s Lives Through Personal Prophecy

God The Father says in prophecy:

The endowment of prophecy has not passed away my kids. I long to address individuals. In days where the seas are not quiet, seismic tremors tear through urban areas and wars are all around the globe, request personal prophetic word the individuals on earth increasingly a more need a living touch from a genuine God. Suppose you could resemble a postal worker or lady conveying personal messages from me to the world? Suppose I could call attention to individual out to you and drop into your soul a personal message for them.


It could be about an occupation they are considering going after, work that I need them to get. It may be news that their infant is solid and will be brought into the world sound when specialists are telling the couple the infant won’t be brought into the world solid. It may be that I am glad for how their trustworthiness cost them a companionship the prior week yet had done the individual genuine great that heard reality.


  • Envision having a consoling word for an outsider each time you jumped on a transport or a train or when you went out on the town to shop?
  • Envision imparting my adoration and messages to the world and giving my understanding and learning a chance to contact the lives of humans and attract them to myself. Matthew has been doing this for a considerable length of time and he adores it.
  • In the previous year it hasn’t been as dynamic as he has been sick and not going out to such an extent yet from time to time when I need him to talk, he represents me.


Envision going to chapel on Sunday with an empowering word for the congregation body that you association with? Wouldn’t you need me to go through you to manufacture the congregation and present to them a crisp word from my throneroom?


I long to speak with earth and its kin. The world truly needs to get notification from Me. A wide range of individuals are investigating blessed messengers and soul aides and a wide range of stuff to get in contact with Me. The world needs to get notification from Me. Won’t you let Me utilize your lips? Won’t you let me raise you up in prophecy and let you forecastIn the event that you have the confidence to get my endowment of prophecy basically supplicate this petition by confidence.




I want to be utilized by you and I realize that in the event that I could forecast I could accomplish astounding things for your kingdom. It is no mishap that I seen this article and Father by confidence I get the endowment of prophecy. Address me Father from this day on and give me messages for individuals that I know and for outsiders that you indicate out me. Give me the fortitude to practice this blessing I ask in Jesus name. So be it

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